Business clients

Do you need help promoting your business? Does your website and marketing brochure need rewriting? Are you looking for help writing a press release or coming up with ideas for your business blog? I work with business clients to help them find effective solutions.

I have worked as a journalist for many years and now run a media consultancy business alongside my journalist work. Drawing on my journalist training and skills, I help businesses understand what journalists really need and want.

I can also help them tell their business story – what we call in the trade ‘corporate storytelling’  – so they can communicate powerfully to existing and potential new customers.

I have also worked with a medium-sized business which was doing amazing work but hadn’t found the time to tell stakeholders and potential customers what they were doing. I interviewed the owner and key staff and we put together a powerful package that told the story of the business. This core story was then used on the website, in advertisements, in a marketing plan and in email selling and press releases.

I have worked with a small arts business, identifying possible stories and turning them into press releases. I advised on how and where to send them and this resulted in excellent coverage of the artist’s forthcoming exhibition in the local paper the Eastern Daily Press.

At the other end of the scale I have worked with England Golf’s Get into Golf. Starting from scratch, and working with their skilled marketing consultant, I helped devise and produce great content for the campaign which was used across marketing materials – especially their website. Get into Golf