How to promote your health and wellbeing business

ZenMuma founder Jackie Heffer-Cooke with Jake and Harriet Humphrey. She was chosen by the couple to teach them hypnobirthing

Jackie Heffer-Cooke, director and founder of, asked me to help her publicise her new training school for hypnobirthing and baby yoga teachers. It’s an amazing business, based in Norwich, but the challenge for Jackie was that she was so busy working on this incredible concept that it left little time to promote the business. As soon as people looking for this service find out about ZenMuma they book courses and sign up pretty quickly – but the challenge, as ever with a health business, is standing out from the crowd.

We started by brainstorming for news angles and soon realised that the pregnant Meghan Markle was planning on using hypnobirthing. It was also favoured by lots of celebrites, as well as Kate Middleton. We had the start of a story.

Next, we collected some case studies. In ZenMuma’s case these were celebrities too, tv presenter Jake Humphrey and YouTuber Carly Rowena. However, if you are publicising your business don’t worry if you can’t draw on the same sort f famous names. Just collect some case studies that illustrate how your business has helped them. Collect as many as you can, in detail and make sure you have pictures to illustrate them. Ideally, it’s best if you can put a name to the case studies so only make them anonymous if you just can’t find anybody who will talk about your service or product without giving their name.

Next, we put together a content package and you could aim to do the same for your health or wellbeing business. This would include images (in high and low resolution versions), case studies, a profile of the managing director, a company history and a press release for the latest news story in your business. In ZenMuma’s case this was a release about how she is launching a new training school.

Next, collect your list of publications (offline and digital) that you think might be interested. Send them out to the news or features editor by email. Don’t hassle them with phone calls, just send a polite email a week later if you haven’t heard anything back. If it’s a good story, they will usually be happy to use it. Send them the press release and low res images and let them know you can send higher resolution versions via DropBox or WeShare.

Good luck and click here to read the piece that appeared about Jake Humphrey in ZenMuma’s local paper the Eastern Daily Press, in Norfolk, one of the areas where the company was launching it’s new training school and needed to let people know about it.


March 26, 2019