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How your customers can help you come up with content ideas to blog about

By Liz Hollis
Your business probably has a list  typical questions that would-be and existing customers often ask and these can be a source of many blog post ideas. Speak to staff who have daily contact with customers, check through inbound inquiries.
Dig deep and establish the challenges your customer faces and why they might come to you for help because they can’t find what they need elsewhere.
Compile an extensive list of customer needs and wants and then supply some information to help them in your blogpost.

Here’s some ideas to help you get started…

  1. Can you explain why your product or service is unique or the best on the market?
  2. Describe a challenge your customers have. Can you help them by providing a solution?
  3. Is there a best way to use your product that customers might not realise?
  4. Are there any hidden features they need help with?
  5. What do people always ask about your business when you go to networking meetings?
  6. What are the main reasons customers choose your business. What do they need you to sort for them?
  7. Do your customers sometimes have new challenges or needs after they have bought from you? Can you help solve these?
  8. Are there any products or services that are best for particular circumstances?
  9. How can your customers identify what product or service they need from the range you offer?
  10. What should they consider before hiring you or buying from you?
  11. Can you help them with information about sizing, measuring or product after care?
  12. Is there anything seasonal your customer needs to be thinking about – Easter, Xmas, holidays, Mothering Sunday, etc?
  13. How should they clean your product?
  14. If you provide a service, are there add on services that might help them at a later date?
  15. Can you tell customers more about how you work?
  16. Is there something your customers are struggling with?
  17. Can you take them step-by-step through something that will help them?
  18. Can you compare and contrast different products or services?
  19. What checklists can you create?
  20. Is there anything customers should ask you, but don’t?
  21. Are there statistics or information that people might be interested in?
  22. What books, magazines, blogs, videos and resources might help people?
  23. What have you learned from other experts that you can pass on to people?
  24. Is there anything that frustrates customers that you can help with?
  25. Why might people be better using an expert service like yours rather than doing something themselves?


February 23, 2018