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My new role as ‘journalist in residence’ at 95 Pottergate


I am now ‘journalist in residence’ on a new project www.95pottergate.com

95 Pottergate is a grade II listed house in the heart of an area with historical links to Norwich’s textile and weaving industry. Norwich was a city founded on textiles until the industry declined at the end of the nineteenth century.

I will be working from an office on the second floor of 95 Pottergate until the property goes on the market in June 2015 along with designer Aviva Leigh and illustrator in residence Leanda Jaine.http://leandajaine.bigcartel.com/

I’ll be reporting and blogging on stories – historical and modern – with a link to the building and the area.

A familiar landmark, this eighteenth century house in Norwich’s Pottergate will be undergoing a total renovation and interior redesign – inspired by the city’s weaving and textile past. The year-long project, led by Norwich textile designer Aviva Leigh will see the six-bedroom and four-living- room building’s interior redesigned to reflect the city’s ancient weaving tradition. Inspired by the city’s rich textile heritage, some of which was based in the Pottergate area, she will use textiles and handmade objects to give each room its own personality. Aviva will bring her ‘slow design’ and zero-waste ethos to the project, working with existing elements in the house wherever possible.


September 11, 2014