Norwich Fashion Week 2014

It’s Norwich Fashion Week 2014. Last night was the Vintage Fashion Show at Norwich Puppet Theatre, co-ordinated by Kerry Curl and styled and organised by Karen James-Welton from Fabulous Miss K. Vintage is a massive trend in Norwich, more popular than anywhere else in the UK outside London. It’s not clear quite why, but apparently the potent combination of a top university and top art school in one smallish city may have something to do with it. This has combined with the flourishing of some key vintage businesses and the proliferation of vintage weekends at coastal resorts, such as Hemsby, to fuel the popularity. Add in the wonderful Bonanafana (missed out on tickets for the festival show unfortunately) and DJ78 and vintage becomes a huge trend here.

I took my camera and new directional mic (which worked well considering the high background noise volume) and interviewed a few people at the Vintage Show last night. So I’ll be adding them to this blog as and when I edit them.

Interview with vintage show co-ordinator Kerry Curl, aka Missy Vintage
Kerry explains why vintage is so popular in Norwich and why it has the highest concentration of vintage fashion shops, events, styling and devotees outside London. Kerry blogs as and tweets as @Missy_Vintage


Interview with headwear designer Rosie Alia

I love this clip because, like so many interviewees, she was nervous talking to me at first but as soon as I asked her about something she’s passionate about (her designs and vintage fashion) there’s plenty to say and she completely relaxed.

She looked fantastic in a customised Tara Starlet dress Tara Starlet website and the RoseAlia collection looked stunning in the vintage show itself.
RoseAlia Designs Etsy shop. Apparently, as she mentions in the interview clip, velvet turbans are one of the hottest vintage must-haves at the moment. Not for me, I’d look like a cleaning lady, but they look great in the Etsy shop. Think you probably need to be a bit taller than me.

Vintage Fashion Show make-up
The make-up by at this year’s vintage show had a Marie Antoinette theme. Bold colours, white mascara and pale skin.