Press release tips. Email press releases

You’ve crafted a great press release and now you want to send it to journalists. But what’s the best way?
Most PRs immediately think of sending email press releases to every named journalist they can get hold. However, journalists receive hundreds of email press releases every week so instead of sending the same press release to every journalist try to target your emails.

Does the journalist cover this type of story? Look at their website, google their name to see other features they have written. They will usually only be interested in writing about the specialist areas they usually cover.

Is the email header snappy and short. Just saying ‘press release’ isn’t enough. Try to summarise what is newsworthy about the release in a few words.

Make the first four lines of the release work really hard. The key points of the story should be in there. If you can’t do this then it’s probably not a proper story.

Don’t send the same release out to hundreds of journalists. Send only to those who work in that sector and who might be interested.

Here’s a clip I’ve uploaded to youtube about just this subject…