Promote your business #1 Why do you want to do PR?

If you are thinking of launching a PR campaign to promote your business there’s a simple starting point. Begin by asking yourself ‘Why do I want to do PR and promotion?”. This will help you set some clear goals for your PR. Perhaps it’s one or more of the following…

I want to win more customers?
I want to sell more places at my next event?
I want to take more bookings at my hotel?
I want people to know about a new business venture or event?
I want to raise my profile so I have more authority in my industry?
I need to tell my customers about a new product or service?
My customers are now buying online so I need to talk to them there?
Seeing me in the local papers would make customers want to buy from me?

Dig deep and work out exactly what you want to achieve from a PR and marketing campaign. Even if you think you have the answer, dig deeper. Keep asking yourself ‘But why?’. If you think you want to have more authority in your industry, ask yourself why. if you want to tell customers about a new product, ask yourself why? The answers is often, but not always, because you want to increase the income in your business.

Whatever your motivation, once you know what it is then you can turn this into a clear goal for your PR and marketing.

February 25, 2014