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What should you write in your small business company blog?

If you run a small business, you’ve probably been told by your SEO or marketing consultant that you need a blog. Or you might just feel you need one to keep up with everybody else. But once you’ve made the decision to have a blog on your website, many small businesses then wonder what on earth to put on there.

I advise clients I am working with to brainstorm for every blog post idea they can think of and then filter this down to 20 – or if that’s difficult the next 10 or even five posts.

Perhaps the easiest way to think about you blog to start with, is as initiating a conversation with customers. Think about why you are interested in and why you are running your business. What are the values and motivation that keep you going in business?

Consider some of the crucial values and ideas in your business. It could be how you manufacture or your relationship with suppliers. It could be the quality of your product, local suppliers or your own background or training. All of these could make blog posts.

Just keep thinking about what your customers might be asking and what they would like to know. Think about why they do business with you instead of your competitors.

Your blog can give an insight into your business and how you run it. It can also build up a picture of your aims and values as they evolve and which customers don’t usually see, just get to know as they deal with you.


January 17, 2014