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Why hiring a content copywriter based in Norwich can benefit your business


first double page spread of feature by Liz Hollis in womens running magazine

Example of a recent feature by Norwich-based copywriter Liz Hollis published in Womens Running magazine

I’m a copywriter, editor, content consultant and PR based in Norwich. I work with clients all over the world, but I especially enjoy working with businesses in Norwich and Norfolk. It’s great for me to have clients close by, but I also believe that they can benefit too. Here’s why…

High quality, professional content copywriter – and I’m also based in the vibrant media-hub city of Norwich

Digital working means that high-quality copywriters, editors and PRs can now locate anywhere in the world – so you can be reassured that great people can now locate in Norwich and you don’t have to head to London to find them – often at inflated London prices. I’ve worked in London and France but have decided to live and work in Norwich, because it’s such a vibrant city and I have family and friends here. Digital networking and Skype mean that you can hire a content writer or editor who is based anywhere in the world. Indeed, I have worked with Lauren Penny at the Hockey Performance Academy which is based in South Africa, who has kindly provided me with a video testimonial vouching for the quality of my copywriting.

Face to face contact

High quality copywriters can work out of anywhere, but that said, it’s still a bonus when you can meet with a freelance copywriter you’re thinking of hiring face to face. Even better, to be located near a freelancer when you’re working with them. Even if you still do a lot of the work digitally, there’s something great to be said about working with somebody who lives in your area and really understands your business and location.

Meeting up with a freelance content writer/copywriter when you’re thinking of hiring them

When somebody needs a copywriter or editor, after a brief chat on the phone or email we usually arrange to meet for a quick coffee to talk through what they need. When so much business is conducted digitally, it makes such a change to have the initial conversation in person – to explain the challenges your business faces and follow up with further conversations as and when they are needed. Mostly, I’ll pop into a client’s office for a coffee and it really helps to understand their business and what they need from their copywriter.

Recommending other Norwich media businesses

I have a great network of other Norwich-based businesses that I collaborate with and it’s great when you can recommend a photographer, graphic designer, event manager, illustrator or web designer who do high quality work but also live locally.

Norwich is now a media hub

In the last few years, Norwich is raising its game as a hub for media, digital and writing. There are an increasing number of media and digital hubs where businesses group together, such as St George’s Works and Fuel Studios. My content editing and writing business is based in St John’s Maddermarket in The Norwich Lanes and there are other media businesses close by, such as the highly recommended Lee Nash at Ark Design who I have collaborated with on Norwich-based projects. Norwich is also one of the leading places in the United Kingdom for promoting quality writing with the celebrated MA in Creative Writing at the University of East Anglia, in Norwich and the impressive National Centre for Writing, in King’s Street, Norwich. What better place than Norwich to be a copywriter?

Tips for checking your potential Norwich-based copywriter or content writer will do a good job for you?

The quality of the copywriter you are looking to hire, has little to do with where they are located. It’s easy to be impressed by a funky office in London’s Shoreditch but it doesn’t mean their work is going to be any good. Instead, you need to look a little deeper. Here’s what you need to check for…

  • Qualifications and training. Where did they train? Did they train? Look for qualifications, such as NCTJ Journalism certificates, for example. Anybody can set up as a content writer so be careful to do some extensive background checks.
  • Ask to see samples of their work. Show them to colleagues. Is it good writing?
  • Ask for references and ask their other clients whether they would recommend their copywriting.
  • If you want to be super sure the copywriter is the right one for you, you could always pay them to do a small bit of sample writing about your business. If you like what they do, you can then progress to hiring them for a bigger project.
  • Have they written for lots of different sites and publications. For example, as well as writing business copy, I also write consumer articles for national newspapers and magazines, which gives me experience of how to write for different audiences. You can see the first double page spread of one of my articles for Women’s Running above.

Get in touch with a Norwich copywriter/content writer

If you’re interested in hiring me for a Norwich or Norfolk-based copywriting project email me on liz@lizhollis.co.uk or give me a call on 07889 680302

If you want to know more about the service I offer of the kind of work I can help with have a look at my How I work page or look at my portfolio for examples of my writing.


December 12, 2018