Why you should be blogging if you’re in business

Imagine you’re an optician. Your potential customers are unlikely to visit your website randomly – only if they need a check up. It can be challenging to raise your profile. Instead, of simply pushing your website address and special offers on social media, you can update your blog with some high quality content. Something that helps your potential customers, answers their questions and informs them without preaching or worrying them. You could help them understand how an eye check is crucial for health – revealing conditions like high blood pressure. You could offer a free e-book about how to look after your eyes in the summer if you have hayfever. You can share it on social media, people then come to your content and possibly sign up for your newsletter. You then send out authoritative, informative content regularly. People will think of you when they eventually do need an optician because you seem to know what you are talking about.

Your potential customers are online visiting social media and googling when they have questions they want answered. It’s good for your business to join the conversation and help people solve their questions and find information. Blogging is a great way to achieve this.

Whether you blog yourself, or pay a content writer to blog for you, uploading good content can help you win more customers and sales. It also costs a lot less than traditional marketing and advertising and can generate more leads. Blogging can help your business whether you are a one-person consultant or retail operation or you have hundreds or even thousands of employees. It can boost your reputation and website traffic as well as help build trust and conversation with would-be customers. Updating your blog and content also keeps your website fresh and interesting. Use your website to demonstrate your professional skills and expertise and boost the opportunities coming into your business. Great content brings people to you…