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The psychology of weight loss – what really works

£7.99, Routledge Why do some of us become overweight? Why is it so difficult to lose weight? How can we adapt healthy attitudes towards food? I have been commissioned to write features about weight loss since the 1990s. I have seen a few books on the subject in that...

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Why you should be blogging if you’re in business

Imagine you're an optician. Your potential customers are unlikely to visit your website randomly - only if they need a check up. It can be challenging to raise your profile. Instead, of simply pushing your website address and special offers on social media, you can...

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Best dog-friendly places in Norwich

I'm constantly updating this post as I try out different places with my dog - so please forgive its unedited and rough-draft form... I've had to take comments off the blog post as I was getting so much junk mail. But please do send me any suggestions for additions to...

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Do these five things to improve your writing

Good writing is at the centre of all content marketing and business promotion. Your company will be judged on the quality of the writing associated with it, so it is essential to strive for professionalism. Writing well is a complex skill that can be developed over...

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Robin Dauncey – the Norwich potter

A dear friend Robin Dauncey died recently just a month after being diagnosed with bowel cancer. He worked for 45 years as a professional potter in Norwich. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend his funeral. It feels as if I haven't said goodbye. I keep expecting to...

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Why too much choice is bad for our health

The dizzying array of health and lifestyle choices can leave us so confused that it may even undermine our wellbeing… By Liz Hollis Deglycrrhised licorice, dong quai, chlorella, L-arginine, L-cysteine, L-Glutamine… the baffling array of supplements for sale in your...

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